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Clerk Chases Away Man Thought Responsible for Series of Knife Robberies

This wasn’t the first time Elias Haddad’s family business, the Cary Street Mini-Mart in Richmond VA, had been robbed. The criminal had a knife and his father was wounded.

“My dad got hit before and got stabbed in the neck,” he said.

On Sunday, the business was robbed again, and just like last time the criminal wielded a knife.

Haddad said the incident was a flash to the past for him.

“It just took me back,” he said, “It took me back to what happened before.”

On Tuesday night Haddad’s wife was working the front register when a man in a black hoody rushed in waving a knife around.

“With him threatening my wife and threatening me again when he saw me, I had to take action,” he said, “When someone threatens you with a knife, you don’t know what they are capable of doing.”

According to WTVR, Haddad used excellent tactics to pretend he was complying with the attacker. He then waited for an opportunity and pulled a gun, firing at the man who turned and fled the area.

A short time later, Police say that same man robbed a Chesterfield 7-Eleven a few hours later.

“He displayed a knife, demanded money from clerk at register and then fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash.” Officials said.

Finally, police were able to track down the people suspected to be connected to more then a dozen other robberies in the area.

Brothers Michael and Joseph Carter, and their female friend, Brittany Matthews, were arrested and charged with several felonies, including robbery of the Deer Run BP station.

While his quick action may have saved the day, Haddad says the experience was terrible.

“I hope nobody ever has to go through this again because these types of robberies don’t leave a good feeling,” said Haddad.

Waiting for an opportunity to draw your concealed handgun should carefully planned and executed. Haddad utilized exceptional awareness by not simply going for his gun.

He allowed the assailant to be reassured of his compliance before he drew, making it so the man with the knife would have a reduced reaction time and increasing his own chances for success.

I can only surmise that since Haddad missed the shot he fired, he might need some time on the range and in class. How much practice do you need to remain skillful behind the gun? Read here to find out.

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