Couple Work Together Against Intruders

Amelia County, Virginia – A couple held a held a man at gun point after they found him inside their home early Sunday morning.

According to Amelia County Sherriff’s Office, Deputies received a call from Nottoway County Sheriff’s Office about a report of a carjacking on Route 153 near Spainville at around 4:30 a.m.

Soon, they received another call from a woman who said that there was a break in occurring in an occupied house in the 1900 block of Military Highway.

Deputies responded to the scene to find the homeowner holding 39-year-old Graham Martin of Blackstone at gunpoint. The police were also able to locate and arrested Martin’s accomplice, 22-year-old Kristen Gant of Prospect.

The victims, who remain unidentified for their protection, told WTVR they were first alerted by their dogs that something was wrong.

When the homeowner called out to demand who was there, another male voice called back to answer, saying he was just looking for help.

“Initially we heard the dogs barking, going crazy,” the male homeowner said. “and then I heard a voice. I just couldn’t believe I could hear a voice of a man inside my home”

“When he (her boyfriend) yelled ‘who is in my house,’ and we heard somebody yell back, that was the scary moment,” the female victim told reporters.

The woman grabbed gun and handed it to her boyfriend while she dialed 911 to report the break in.

“I grabbed a pistol and got back to the top of the stairwell, I could see a grown man at the bottom of my stairwell again pleading, asking for help,” the man said.

The homeowner used the gun to order Martin to the ground and held him there until police could arrive to take over.

Looking over their property, the couple discovered further damage caused by the pair of intruders. The stolen car had been rammed into a shed located on their property. Martin had apparently tried to kick out the bottom portion of the door to the front of their home,

“… and when that didn’t work, he tried to remove the glass piece (of the door) that’s here,” the woman said.

“We had a car, what we found out was a stolen car, come through. I guess he pulled the emergency brake and crashed into the shed here,” she went on to say. “I think it was a random incident but I’m happy and proud of the way we handled it.”

Martin was arrested for breaking and entering with a weapon and a previous failure to appear warrant, and Grant was also arrested for a failure to appear, and in possible connection with the burglary. Both suspects were taken to Piedmont Regional Jail to await court.

“This is everybody’s worst nightmare, having somebody break into your house while you’re asleep,” the female victim said.

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